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International Visitor, welcome!

Will you be an International Delegate for the 15th Brazilian Meeting of Forensic Odontology? Let us assist you... Register here!

Our team knows that international transfers generate fees and taxes that are not attractive for attendees. Pre-registering for our conference can help.

To proceed with pre-registration, just follow the steps below:

1. Send an email to:;

2. The email must be written in English or Spanish. Unfortunately, other languages will not be answered;

3. Fill in the “Subject”: Pre-registration for international delegates (foreigners);

4. In the email text, insert the following information: (a) Name; (b) Passport Number; (c) Country of residence; and (d) Registration Category (Undergraduate Student, Postgraduate Student or Professional);

5. Wait for your pre-registration confirmation via email.

Done! Your pre-registration is guaranteed!

During conference registration upon arrival on November 2nd, 2022 (first day of the Conference), please provide your Name and Passport Number at the Secretary’s Office and pay your registration fee personally. The registration fee can only be made in the following currencies: REAL, US DOLLAR or EURO. Your registration fee will be according to your registration category outlined in your pre-registration confirmation email.


EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION: July 20th to September 16th.

REGULAR REGISTRATION: September 17th to October 28th.

In the table below you will find the applicable value in US Dollars and Euros to assist you (this table will be updated according to the conference schedule for the fees):

Congresso Brasileiro de Odontologia Legal (35).png
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